What is the Wisconsin Business Alliance? It’s a new statewide organization for community-minded business owners and professionals. Our mission is to improve Wisconsin’s business climate while protecting our quality of life.

There are lots of business organizations. How is this different?
There’s nothing else like us! We work at the State Capitol to advocate for public education, broadband investment, renewable energy, and other ways government can make it easier and more profitable to do business in Wisconsin. We represent businesses all over the state, large and small, from farms and restaurants to high tech firms.

That seems great, but I don’t want to get into politics!
We’re nonpartisan – that means we don’t tell you how to vote. But we do understand that politics affects us, and we think we should have a say. Businesses like ours need to speak up for the things we care about – things like broadband access, energy, and education. We want policies that help our businesses grow, protect our quality of life, and make it easier for us to do business.

What types of programs do you have?

  • We connect you to your community through our Member Directory.
  • We offer members-only dental insurance and major medical insurance.
  • Members are invited to our annual Lobby Day and other events.
  • Members receive a quarterly e-newsletter and periodic action alerts.
  • We’re working on a number of issues that affect small businesses in Wisconsin.
  • Members receive access to a free legal hotline.

Wow, that actually sounds pretty good. What does it cost to join? We want membership to be accessible to everyone who wants to join. Introductory rates start at just $25, and you can sign up here. We are a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization, so a portion of your dues are tax deductible as a business expense. How can I learn more? Please email Info@WisconsinBusinessAlliance.com.