Economic development and infrastructure

We advocate for widely accepted economic development practices and common-sense infrastructure investments.

Broadband access

Decades ago, our state’s leaders paved the way for the Wisconsin dairy industry’s success by paving nearly every road that led to a dairy farm. This was a tremendous government investment and it paid off not only for dairy farmers, but also for their communities and our state as a whole.

Today’s leaders have a similar opportunity to help businesses in Wisconsin’s small towns and rural areas form connections to the larger world. Learn more >


This refers to the internet sales tax. A sale is a sale and we think all sales should be treated the same, whether they’re in-person purchases at our shops or clicks on out-of-state online-only retailers’ websites. Learn more >


GoWisco is our nascent statewide “buy local” program that celebrates the independent, Wisconsin-owned businesses that contribute to our state’s unique character and serve as the engines of our economy. Learn more >

Health care reform

We have been working since Summer 2013 to get business owners timely, accurate information about the Affordable Care Act. Learn more >

Medicaid expansion

We strongly support Medicaid expansion, and we encourage Governor Walker to revisit his decision to reject a refund of our tax dollars for Medicaid. If he does not, his rejection of additional funds could wind up  costing Wisconsin business owners $36 million next year. That’s $36 million that could go toward new jobs and infrastructure — and instead it’s getting sucked out of the state.