FCC changes definition of broadband

Wow. The FCC just voted to change the definition of broadband. “We must ensure that all consumers have access to these life-changing technologies,” FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said in a statement.

Our broadband policy consultant, Ann Drazkowski, sent this note regarding the change: “25 mbps is a more accurate definition of what the average person would consider broadband internet. It’s certainly better than 4, the previous definition, on which you would be hard pressed to stream something on YouTube. This also means that the number of people who officially have broadband access just dropped by a LOT.  This can bolster FCC claims that it needs to intervene in broadband deployment, net neutrality and so on. So that’s good. And it means some exciting up and downs in regulatory rule-making land — and the courts. Not sure where all the balls up in the air are gonna land.”

As we’ve been saying since our inception two years ago, better broadband access will spur job growth and business creation in Wisconsin’s small towns and rural areas. This is an exciting development, so stay tuned :-)