Heads up: Chipping away at public education

As you might know, there’s a movement afoot to privatize public education in Wisconsin and several other states across the country. It’s a well-funded effort and they are coming at our public schools from multiple angles — cutting funding, expanding vouchers, and now trying to set up statewide school boards that are stacked with political appointees.

Apparently our new State Senate’s first priority is not jobs and economic development. The Senate’s first bill of the new session, SB1, creates two unelected, unaccountable, sanctioning boards to do the work that democratically elected school boards are already tasked with doing.

This bill is moving quickly. A hearing on SB1 is scheduled for next Tuesday, January 27, at 9:00 AM at 411 South in the Capitol. While it would be great if you could attend the hearing, there’s a good chance you won’t be called on until very late in the day, if at all.

Direct contact before the hearing would be more effective, and it only takes two or three minutes to call. You don’t have to say much. Something like this would be great:

As a business owner in [your community], I’m calling to let you know that I strongly oppose SB1. Our community values our public schools and our democratically elected school board, and we do not want political appointees superseding our local authority.

Senator Paul Farrow (Chair) – Sen.Farrow@legis.wisconsin.gov; (608) 266-9174
Senator Sheila Harsdorf (Vice-Chair) – Sen.Harsdorf@legis.wisconsin.gov; (608) 266-7745
Senator Stephen Nass – Sen.Nass@legis.wisconsin.gov; (608) 266-2635
Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd – Sen.HarrisDodd@legis.wisconsin.gov; (608) 266-2500
Senator Kathleen Vinehout – Sen.Vinehout@legis.wisconsin.gov; (608) 266-8546

If your State Senator is not on the committee, you can still contact him or her. If you are not sure who your state legislators are, you can find out here (enter your address in the top right box).

Please call TODAY or MONDAY to ensure your message is received before the hearing on Tuesday. Thanks!