Carbon 101

Our Carbon 101 event last Friday was fantastic — we had a great crowd, including sustainability staff from Epic, Findorff, and Johnson Controls. InBusiness covered the event and our recap is now online.

We started planning this event long before we knew anything about the proposed rate changes being put forth by MG&E and other Wisconsin utilities. But the rate change issue did come up, and I wanted to share this interesting article from InBusiness that sprang from our discussion.

“Carbon reduction is a leading performance indicator of efficiency and is also a strategy to retain customers, reduce risk, and spur innovation,” said Tom Eggert, executive director of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, at the Carbon 101 event.

But if businesses are served by utilities addicted to coal, they’ll be at a competitive disadvantage. Facebook, Microsoft, and Google recently made low-carbon electricity sources a key factor in locating data centers in Iowa. Iowa produces 28.8% of its energy from renewables, while Wisconsin stands at only 6.8%.

Read the whole thing here.