Now hiring

We are currently hiring independent contractors to assist with two projects:

Incentives for sustainable business practices: Help explore policy options (tax incentives, rule changes, and other opportunities) regarding sustainable business practices. The contractor will be responsible for researching best practices, meeting with entrepreneurs and state legislators and / or their aides, and writing a policy brief outlining the contractor’s research and recommendations.

Legislative Report Card: Research and complete our Legislative Report Card for the past session of the State Legislature. The contractor will be responsible for researching and compiling state legislators’ votes and views on the following topics: public education funding, renewable energy, broadband access, natural resource conservation, internet sales tax, and campaign finance reform. We will provide bill numbers and other pertinent information, and the contractor will be invited to participate in several meetings with state legislators and their aides.

Please consider applying if you have experience in policy work (Bachelor’s degree in public policy or equivalent work experience preferred). These projects have firm deadlines. Assured consideration date is May 14, 2014.