Announcing our legislative agenda

2014 Legislative Report Card

Click the image to download a PDF of our Report Card.

We announced our legislative priorities today, calling for common-sense investments in public education, clarification of renewable energy rules, and e-fairness legislation.

“The Wisconsin Business Alliance is advocating for proposals that will improve Wisconsin’s business climate over the long term,” said Alliance executive director Lori Compas. “Over the coming months, members and staff will be talking with legislators and researching their votes to see where they stand on these important issues.”

We represent more than 80 business owners from all over the state. Our lobby day is scheduled for March 19 and the completed report cards will be released this fall.

The Legislative Report Card will rate legislators according to their stance on the following economic development issues:

• Public Education
• Money in Politics
• Broadband Access
• Conservation
• Renewable Energy

E-Fairness relates to the fact that brick-and-mortar stores must collect and pay state sales tax, but remote online-only sellers do not. “Our current system puts Wisconsin-owned businesses at a disadvantage,” Compas said. “Closing this tax loophole will protect Wisconsin jobs and capture revenues that rightfully belong to the state.”

Compas said it was no coincidence that the organization’s announcement was made the day before the State Chamber of Commerce, also known as Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, held its lobby day in Madison.

“We hope that business owners, legislators, and the general public will take a close look at WMC’s agenda and compare it to ours. Privatized schools, lower wages, and longer hours are not in the best interest of Main Street business owners, who recognize that schools are the heart of their community and employees are their most valuable assets.”